Scout RX2 Home Vision - SLQL0 30

Miele Bags SKU: MIE41LQL030USA
Scout RX2 Home Vision - SLQL0 30

Scout RX2 Home Vision - SLQL0 30

Miele Bags SKU: MIE41LQL030USA
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Robot vacuum cleaner with live image feed and 2 hours runtime with the best cleaning performance.

Quattro Cleaning Power: Efficient suction system for any kind of floor

The suction system with its four special features guarantees first-class cleaning performance. 1. Sweeping side brushes carry coarse dirt under the appliance. 2. A roller brush then reliably catches this dirt and carries it to the front suction opening. 3. The rear suction opening ensures that fine dirt is removed thoroughly. 4. Thanks to a powerful blower, the dirt lands securely in the appliance's dust box.

Camera-based, three-dimensional room detection

Two front cameras give the Scout RX2 high-precision, three-dimensional object recognition. It measures the distances to potential obstructions automatically and navigates safely around them. This prevents furniture and objects from being damaged. Even complex room structures are not a problem with the Scout's 3D Smart Navigation.

HomeVision: See the world through the eyes of the Scout RX2

Using both front cameras, you can check at any time, even while on the go, that everything is OK at home and that your Scout RX2 is hard at work. You can also follow the appliance's cleaning activities in real time from the device's own perspective. So you will always know where the Scout is. The arrow buttons make even navigating the device a breeze. And of course, live tracking of the camera images is encrypted*.

MobileControl: Can be run at home using the app or while on the go

The Scout RX2 can be controlled conveniently using a smartphone or tablet app* while you're on the go. There are various convenient functions available. For example, a different "start of operation" can be programmed for the Scout using the timer. The map view allows you to track the cleaning process at any time.

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