Riccar R25S Standard Clean Air Upright


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R25S features reliable cleaning performance on all types of floors, plus maneuverability and reach at a great value. Features include:

  • Self-adjusting brushroll allows for easy transition from ultra-plush carpet onto bare floors.
  • LIfetime belt protection stops the brushroll from turning until the jam is cleared, saving you from unexpected belt changes.
  • Top-loading HEPA media bag for capturing more dust and to lock in particles like dust, dander and pet hair.
  • 360 turning allows ultimate maneuverability throughout your home.
  • Lays completely flat for cleaning under furnishings
  • Electrostatic filters to capture particles.
  • Intelligent tool configuration that makes it easy to use tools and stretch the hose without tipping the vacuum.
  • Telescoping wand and hose provide an 11-foot cleaning reach.
  • Extra long 35-foot power cord for less outlet changes.
  • Full bag sensor light up to indicate that it's time to change the bag, which eliminates guesswork.

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