HYscent Solo Commercial Diffuser for Small Spaces, Black

HYscent Solo Commercial Diffuser for Small Spaces, Black


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Do you want a discreet, effective and stylish commercial air fresheners? This is the best commercial scent machine on the market for use in small spaces.

A fragrance powerhouse capable of scenting up to 220 square feet, the Solo incorporates technology that maximizes efficiency and air flow dynamics. The scents are long lasting between 45 and 60 days (on low setting mode) and the simple functionality ensures the Solo is easy to use. Fragrance delivery is constant, entirely safe and lacking harmful chemicals. The specially designed centrifugal fan is driven by a certified Mabuchi motor. Coupled with intelligent programming, consistent fragrance release is ensured throughout the life of the refill cartridge.

Commercial air freshening perfectly delivered for a cleaner smelling air. You don’t just have to mount the Solo on a wall. Because of the environmentally friendly dry refill, the Solo can be used anywhere and in any orientation. Use it on your desktop, shelving unit, window sill, side table or under a table! It can be moved freely from space to space. The solo stands alone as a tasteful, elegant solution for your small space, fragrancing needs.

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