iP20 Floor Machine

iP20 Floor Machine


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The modern features, 5-year motor warranty, and value pricing of the iP20 low-speed floor machine make it the best buy on the market. The iP20 floor machine features a pad/brush speed of 175 rpm, a 20? deck, and a 19? pad driver. The 1.5 hp motor, triple planetary steel gear box, and die-casted aluminum motor deck make it a proven daily-usage performer. Safe operation is built-in with a handle-mounted circuit breaker, a safety lock-out switch, and 50? yellow power cord. A large 5-gallon solution tank is an available option.

1.5 hp heavy-duty motor with triple planetary steel gear box for daily, powerful performance
Ergonomic handle with easy-to-use fingertip controls
Universal clutch plate
Handle-mounted circuit breaker
Safety lock-out switch
50' safety yellow power cord
Die-casted aluminum motor deck for durability
19" pad driver included
Optional 5-gallon solution tank (4015000U)
175 rpm brush/pad

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